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IOST partners with NeoWorld to launch blockchain virtual world DApp IOST partners with NeoWorld to launch blockchain virtual world DApp

IOST, the recently launched enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure for DApps, has announced a new partnership with NeoWorld, bringing IOST Land, a blockchain virtual world built by users, to community members. IOST Land is scheduled to launch on IOST mainnet in early May.

This partnership between IOST and NeoWorld aims to bring about a more multifaceted Dapp ecosystem for IOST. In return, IOST will provide NeoWorld with user acquisition, DApp exposure and technical support through multiple DApp discovery platforms and within the IOST mainnet ecosystem.

IOST has placed a strong focus on the development of its DApp ecosystem since the very beginning. IOST CEO Jimmy Zhong said: “We don’t want a lot of zombie Dapps with only miners and short-term users. We diligently select development teams in order to secure success by the quality and to provide optimal infrastructure for excellent Dapps. We aim to guide more developers to create valuable and multifaceted applications on IOST.”

IOST Land — Coming Soon

IOST Land is scheduled to launch on the IOST mainnet in early May, with the goal of delivering an amazing virtual world gaming experience for the IOST community.

NeoWorld is a multiplayer online virtual world based on blockchain technology. In a Unity-powered 3D world, players can purchase land, construct buildings, invest and operate businesses, just like in the real world. NeoWorld is also a social platform where players can not only chat, but also develop real relationships, manage the community, create value and gain wealth.

NeoWorld has completed its closed beta testing, and has now entered alpha testing. During its closed beta testing period, the peak of DAU reached 23,000, with a 30-day retention rate of 73% and a 1-day retention rate of 86%. The average user spent 2 hours per day in NeoWorld, which totaled 40,000 hours consumed by blockchain users.

NeoWorld has introduced an Ethereum based token to facilitate trades and activities in the virtual world, with a complex economic model supporting it.

NeoWorld Team

Terence, CEO, and producer of NeoWorld, graduated from the National University of Singapore on a full scholarship. In 2018, as the producer of NeoWorld, he led his team in successfully making it the world’s first large blockchain virtual world. NeoWorld gained a DAU peak of 23,000 during its closed beta testing, creating the first example of a virtual world of large blockchains.

Kane is the COO and head of financial systems in NeoWorld. He has years of experience working in investment banks such as CIMB, investment departments in CICC and Milestone Capital with a Bachelor degree in Finance and an MBA from INSEAD.

Rayman is NeoWorld’s CTO. He was formerly the head of product testing for Windows Small Business Server at Microsoft Asia Academy of Engineering. In NeoWorld, he is responsible for the architectural design of all the game projects, the functional definition of the toolchain and support system and the technical architecture design.

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